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The Kosher Gourmet

The Kosher Gourmet

Fresh and delicious kosher dishes - now available weekly!

Enjoy a large selection of dips, soups, sides or main dishes prepared onsite by our chefs.
For Shabbat orders please submit by Thursday 10:00 am.
For mid week order please submit 24 hours in advance and wait for email confirmation. 
Jewish Discovery Center, 216 Miller Road, Waverly (delivery available)
>> For special orders call 570-587-3300 or e-mail
Kashrus certified by Chabad of the Abingtons - Glatt Kosher/Pas-Cholov Yisrael/Chassidshe Shechita

  Takeout orders not available for Shavuos - Click Here for Shavuos at the Radisson 

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Eggplant Parmesan (Dairy)

Medium (7x9) $18.99
Large (9x13) $34.99

web shabbat dinner done mini icon #1.jpg Lasagna (Dairy)

Medium-Plain (7x9) $18.99 Medium - Spinach (7x9) $20.99
Large-Plain (9x13) $34.99 Large- Spinach (9x13) $37.99
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  Caesar Dressing 1/2 Pound $6.99 (Parve)

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Gefilte Fish Loaf (Serves 8-10) $10.50
Enjoy this traditional dish with beets and horseradish

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icon eggplant.jpg   C aribbean Carrot Salad (8 oz.) $4.99
With chunks of fresh sweet pineapple! 
icon eggplant.jpg Creamy Eggplant Dip "Babaganoush" (8oz.) $4.99
Fire-roasted with mayo, garlic & spices
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Healthy Hummus Dip (8 oz.) $4.99
A smooth and creamy blend of garbanzo and white beans with spices & garlic (vegan)

icon eggplant.jpg Roasted Eggplant/Pepper Dip (8 oz.) $4.99
Oven-roasted eggplant with red peppers, tomatoes and garlic (vegan)
icon eggplant.jpg Sliced Cucumber Salad (1 lb.) $6.99
Fresh cucumbers marinated in a tasty dressing (vegan)
icon eggplant.jpg Red Cabbage Salad (1 lb.) $6.99
Lightly seasoned; great color and flavor
icon eggplant.jpg Creamy Potato Salad (1 lb.) $6.99
Freshly made with Yukon Gold potatoes and pickles
icon eggplant.jpg Coleslaw (1 lb.) $6.99
Shredded cabbage and carrots with herb and mayo dressing
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icon sweet potato.jpg  "Bubby's Tzimmis" (1 lb.) $7.99
Sweet carrots, apricots, cherries and golden raisins - just like grandma!
icon sweet potato.jpg "Kashe Varnishkes" (2 lb.) $12.99
Farfalle bow-tie pasta with buckwheat groats and fried onions.. a classic! (vegan)
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Orange Cranberry Rice (2 lb.) $12.99
Basmati Rice with orange zest and sweetened cranberries (vegan)

icon sweet potato.jpg Couscous with Mushrooms (2 lb.) $12.99
Israeli-style couscous with herbs and sauteed mushrooms (vegan)
icon sweet potato.jpg Cranberry Crumble (Serves 6-8) $15.99
With oatmeal & brown sugar - good as a side dish or dessert (vegan)
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 Potato Kugel (Serves 6-8) $15.99
Old-fashioned potato kugel; creamy inside and crispy outside... yum!

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 Sweet Noodle Kugel (Serves 6-8) $15.99
Egg-noodles with apples, cinnamon and sugar with a crunchy topping

vege kugel.jpg "Yerushalmi" Kugel (Serves 6-8) $15.99
A unique noodle kugel with caramelized sugar and a light peppery flavor
vege kugel.jpg  Sesame Noodles (2 lb.) $12.99
With a sweet and flavorful Asian sauce (vegan)
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carrot soup.jpg  Mushroom Barley Soup (2 lb.) $12.99
Fresh mushrooms, herbs and spices... hearty and delicious! (vegan)
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 Creamy Split Pea Soup (2 lb.) $12.99
With green-peas, carrots and sweet potato - smooth and delicious! (vegan)

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Matzah-Ball Soup (2 lb.) $12.99
Delightful chicken broth with large fluffy matzah balls

icon chick soup.jpg  Butternut Squash Soup (2 lb.) $12.99
Smooth and delicious... sweet and savory! (vegan)
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Honey-Rosemary Chicken Quarters (Serves 4) $16.99
Roasted chicken with aromatic herbs and honey 

icon chicken.jpg Batter-Dipped Chicken Tenders (Serves 4-6) $17.99
Chicken breast rolled in a light batter fried to perfection 
icon q chicken.jpg Panko-Fried Breast Fillets (Serves 4-6) $17.99
Panko-coated chicken breasts, fried golden 
icon chicken marsala.jpg Chicken Marsala (Serves 4-6) $17.99
Flavorful Italian dish with sauteed mushrooms and marsala wine 
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Sweet n’ Sour Meatballs (Serves 4-6) $16.99
In flavorful tomato and cranberry sauce - always a hit!

web shabbat dinner done mini icon #2.jpg "Famous" Stuffed Cabbage (Serves 6) $26.99
Steamed cabbage filled with beef, chicken, rice & herbs, smothered in a heavenly sauce!
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icon farbrengen.jpg Braided Challah (20 oz.) $5.99
Home-baked goodness.. ready for your shabbat table (vegan available)
icon farbrengen.jpg Round Challah (20 oz.) $5.99
Traditional round loaf .. for your high holiday table (vegan available)
icon farbrengen.jpg Round Challah with Raisins (20 oz.) $6.99
Traditional round loaf .. with added sweetness (vegan available)
icon farbrengen.jpg Chocolate Babka Loaf (1.5 pounds) $12.99
Sweet European pastry with triple-chocolate filling
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Deli Platter ($11.99-$17.99 per pound)
Salami, turkey, pastrami or corned beef. Call for details and availability.

icon farbrengen.jpg Medium Sushi Platter (64 pc.) $44.99
6 fish rolls, 2 vegetable rolls
icon farbrengen.jpg Large Sushi Platter (112 pc.) $69.99
8 fish rolls, 6 vegetable rolls


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